Task. My own Humanist Organisation ( Создание Миротв.организации)

Dear participants of our project!

Imagine that..

You are members of the Humanist Organisation (1& 2 Task from Webquest).

1) Name your organisation. Explain your choice.
2) Write down your rules or declaration.
3) What are your main objectives?
4) Create your motto and emblem!
5) What's your attitude to wars? Prove your ideas.

Draw up your organisation! Use Google-services as you would like!

Appreciate your work & your classmates' work too!

Then: as members of Humanist Organisation, video your address to people to join your organisation.
1) Make up your speech. 
2) Be ready to video at the English Lesson. 
3) Before, do not forget about criteria.

Good luck!


Friendship is peace (FIP) - 1group (Google- document)
 Video- address to people (You tube)

Liberty - 2 group (Google- presentation)

Video- address to people (You tube)

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