Task. Web-table "Mediation. MSU" (интерактивная доска)

Task. Create Web-table "Mediation. MSU"
В чем заключается деятельность группы поддержки медиации при ООН?

1) Study all tasks from treasure hunt.
This short video presents the 2013 team of mediation experts.
MSU is filming interviews with mediation experts, focusing on strategies and tactics in effectively managing peace processes and mediation initiatives. This is an ongoing project and videos will be added to UN Peacemaker in the upcoming months.

1) What is “ The Standby Team”?
2) When was this group established?
3) What is the aim of The Standby Team?
4) How many members are there in this Team? Name them.

Download official documents “Standby Team of Mediation Experts” (March 2013)

1) When was DPA organized ?
2)What’s her  name? “She oversaw research and advocacy efforts on conflict and security issues in Afghanistan and Pakistan as Director of the Soros Foundation's Afghanistan and Regional Policy Initiative.”

3)What’s his  name? “His personal experience as a member of a liberation movement and the national army in Zimbabwe enables him to advise on a range of security issues including negotiating ceasefires.”
4)What’s the role of the Standby Team?
5)What’s her name? “She is a Professor of Political Science and Research Director of the Network on Peace Operations at the University of Montreal.”
6) What’s his name? “He advised the African Union on ways to settle border disputes (2011-2012), and worked as political advisor to the EU Special Representative for Sudan and South Sudan when the South gained independence (2011-2013).”

“The United Nations Guidance for Effective Mediation”
1) What’s Mediation?
2)What’s the aim of The UN Guidance?
3)Why may Consent sometimes be given incrementally?
4)What’s Inclusivity?
5)What does National ownership imply?
6)What are International laws and normative frameworks?

2) After answering all these questions create Web-table "Mediation. MSU".
3) To create it, use Linoit.com.
Instuction SlideShare "How to use Linoit.com (интерактивный плакат)". 
Video Instruction "How to use Linoit.com"
4) Before start, learn criteria.
5) After doing this task, evaluate your web-table according to criteria. Fill in the table "Evaluate yourself"

Good luck!

Your task is done perfectly! Thanks, Group 2!

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